LaTeX Class and Template for Quiz, Exam and Thesis at SIIT

I've been using LaTeX to create course material, including quizzes, exams and lecture notes, for several years. My graduate students also use it for research, including writing papers and their thesis. Here I share some LaTeX classes and templates I use in case they are of use to others.

Anyone may use the classes and examples as they wish. Note they have been gradually developed over a long period, resulting in some "sub-optimal" code. But it works for me, and may serve as a good basis for creating your own LaTeX documents.

Quiz and Exam

I have extended the standard article class to make it easy to create assessment items that can produce both a question sheet and answer sheet. That is, a single LaTeX file is created containing questions and answers, and then it is used to produce two PDFs as output: a question sheet with space for students to handwrite answers; and an answer sheet with the answers shown below the each question.

With in-class quizzes I create different variants of the same quiz. For example, with a class of 40 students I may create 4 variants and distribute them so 10 students do one variant, 10 do a second variant and so on. This makes copying from the neighbour student much harder. The variants are either small modifications to the same question (e.g. a calculation with different numbers) or entirely different questions. I have created some LaTeX commands that support creation of the question variants. The same single LaTeX file is used, and from it a PDF for each quiz variant can be produced.

I use two separate classes, one for a quiz (or similar short assessment item) and another for an exam (which must be formatted according to SIIT guidelines). The classes are similar and both use the same set of commands for creating question variants and answers in the same LaTeX file. You can download an archive that contains the classes, as well as demo's and basic instructions of using them to create a quiz and exam. The output PDFs are also included.


There are many LaTeX classes/styles for Master and PhD theses. At SIIT a style guide is provide in MS Word. However most of the graduate students in our school use LaTeX, and over the years they have developed their own LaTeX class. With some recent changes to the SIIT format, I have collected the work from the graudate students and updated to meet the new requirements. You can download an archive that includes the style, as well as example input LaTeX files and output PDF. As of May 2014 it is quite new, so some changes may be necessary as more students use it. The current version is 0.1 (revision 843).

An example of another thesis style can be found in the LaTeX source of my PhD thesis.

Lecture Notes

The source code of many of my lecture notes and handouts, created using LaTeX, is available. Lecture notes/slides use beamer, while handouts are often modifed articles. The styles used are available with the source.