LaTeX Source Files for Lecture Notes on Internet and Security

Most of the presentations and documents I create for teaching are done so using LaTeX. The PDFs (e.g. slides and handouts) have always been available online for my courses. Now I've finally got around to making the LaTeX source files available as well. Currently you can download the slides (PDF, colour for presentation), handouts (black and white, 2 slides per sheet) and LaTeX source files for the latest version of my courses. There are also some slides and reports on other general networking and security topics. Click on the course code to visit the Moodle site hosting the course; click on the other links to go direct to the downloads:

To compile the LaTeX source you need to download my styles and you may need to install some additional packages. View the README.txt file once you have unpacked the sources for further instructions.

With the LaTeX source files I've included my figures as well. However in many cases I use figures from the course textbook (provided by the publisher/author). I have not included those textbook figures in the archives that you can download. If you need them, contact me and I can point you to where you can obtain the figures.