PhD Thesis LaTeX Source

After looking up some old scripts from the PhD thesis, out of interest I tried to compile my thesis, which is created using LaTeX. After fixing a couple of minor things regarding paths, it compiled. The specific changes/problems were:
  1. In thesis.tex change absolute paths (e.g. /home/sgordon/thesis/src/figs/) to relative paths (e.g. figs/) in defining the new figure directory commands.
  2. Some errors are reported when compiling, due to me using an old version of lstlistings.sty (see sdg1listings.sty). I just skipped these errors by pressing Enter.
Just in case anyone wants to look at the source, I've packaged everything into sgordon-thesis.tgz. Download the archive and run the following to compile:
$ tar xzf sgordon-thesis.tgz
$ cd sgordon-thesis/
$ latex thesis
$ bibtex thesis
$ latex thesis
$ latex thesis
$ latex thesis
$ dvips -o -t a4 thesis.dvi
$ ps2pdf
And you'll have my PhD thesis looking almost identical to the original (note the linked PDF is in double spacing; the new PDF is not).