Networking Laboratory (S2, 2013)

Course Overview

This course will give you practical experience with the administration of computer networks and the development of computer network applications. You will learn the basics of configuring network interfaces on computers, setting up a switched and routed networks, monitoring the activities in a network and administrating common network software (e.g. web servers). This knowledge is necessary for careers involving IT network administration, network management in medium to large enterprises, Internet software development, and engineers at ISP and telecom companies.

Dr Steven Gordon (contact details)
Teaching Assistants
  1. Mr Karin Sumongkayothin
  2. Mr Sam Banani
  3. Mr Dana Blouin
  4. Ms Thiri The Wut Yee
  1. Monday morning: Steve (Instructor), Sam, Dana
  2. Monday afternoon: Steve (Instructor), Karin, Sam, Thiri
  3. Friday morning: Karin (Instructor), Dana, Thiri
Networking Lab, Ground Floor of IT/MT Building, Bangkadi
ITS223 Programming Lab 1. Although not an official pre-requisite, the lab covers networking topics therefore some knowledge from ITS323 is assumed. If you haven't passed ITS323 Introduction to Data Communications, then this course may be hard! See the resources for advice on refreshing your knowledge in these areas.
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