Introduction to Data Communications (S1, 2015)

Course Overview

This course aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of data and computer communications. You will learn how information is shared between computing devices, starting at the basics of sending signals across links, leading to concepts such as bandwidth, data rate, signal encoding, modulation and error control. You will then learn how multiple links can be used to form networks by using switching, routing and internetworking. Examples using present day technologies will be given, such as WiFi, video streaming, Ethernet, ADSL and web browsing. This course gives broad coverage of data communications, finishing with an introduction to the Internet. More specific coverage of technologies is given in subsequent courses, while hands on experience is given in the Networking lab in semester 2.

The course ITS323 Introduction to Data Communications (IT students) is identical to CSS331 Fundamentals of Data Communications (CPE students). Although the website and some course material may mention ITS323 only, it also applies for CSS331.

Dr Steven Gordon (contact details)
Lecture Times
Data and Computer Communications, 9th Edition by William Stallings, Prentice Hall, 2011. (additional resources)
No formal prerequisites, although it is expected that you have good knowledge of basic engineering mathematics, operating systems concepts, software design principles and programming. See the Study Guide for advice on refreshing your knowledge in these areas.
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