Busy Teaching at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology

Since a relatively exciting end of 2006 (trips to Kanchanaburi and Chantaburi, weddings, bombs, …), for most of 2007 I have been flat out with work. The second week of January SIIT held mid-term exams, so I’ve spent a lot of time preparing, proctoring and marking exams, as well as assignments and lecture preparation. This semester I am lecturing two courses: Security and Cryptography for 3rd year Computer Science students and Internet Technologies and Applications for 4th year IT students. I also lead a Networking lab class for about 90 3rd students. As I’ve had to develop these from scratch (apart from parts of the Networking lab), this has been a fairly intensive first semester for me. However things should get better next semester (only one course) and next year when I can start to re-use the material. Well that is my excuse for lack of content on the sandilands.info recently. Over the next few weeks I intend to provide some more content, and in particular, provide a summary for 2006 in terms of my Top Three Things I:
  1. Love about Thailand
  2. Hate About Thailand
  3. Miss About Australia
Stay tuned ...