IT Zeer Rangsit

Zeer Rangsit is an IT mall in Pathumthani, about 10 minutes north of the old Don Muang Airport (and 30 minutes south of Thammasat University). There are 4 levels of IT shops, selling mobile phones, computers, software (both legit and pirated) and perihperals, as well as service centres. I purchased a PC as well as various software CDs their in September 2006 and continue to shop there. (a printer and ADSL wireless router in November 2006) Asia Airport Hotel is also located adjacent the shopping mall, as well as various other shops (eg. open air market outside and Carrefour department store across the road). I recommend going there, even just for a look around. It is quite peaceful (no touts or hassle from sales people), and plenty of good places to eat both inside, and in the outside market.

There is a Thai massage parlour inside, opposite Tops Supermarket. I've been 4 or 5 times. Its excellent! The current price (Sep 2007) for a 1 hour body massage is 200 Baht.

Update (Oct 2007): To the north side of Zeer is 3 or 4 outdoor restaurants. I've eaten at two of them: the one closest to McDonalds as well as the one next to that (Sab Restaurant). The first one was good, and Sab was excellent food.

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