Wang Nam Khiao

On the weekend, nine of us from SIIT made a trip to Wang Nam Khiao (วังน้ำเขียว) in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima (generally known as Khorat). We travelled there on Saturday morning in two cars, with several stops for food on the way. It took about 3.5 hours, for a distance of 200 to 250km. We stayed at the Nentawan Resort, sharing a two bedroom bungalow amongst the group. Each bedroom had their own bathroom, and there was a small common room between the two rooms. After unpacking and getting a fridge for the beer, we made our way to the nearby Huai Yai Waterfall (although it was almost dry). Around 5pm, we decided to check out the Thailand International Balloon Festival, held in nearby Pak Chong. Well it wasn't as nearby as we thought, arriving about 8:30pm. After playing a few games in the side show alleys, we made our way back to Nentawan Resort for dinner - at 11pm! After some cards and beers, Sunday was a relaxing day. After lunch we slowly made our way home, stopping again at the Balloon Festival, this time seeing the real hot air balloons take off, which was worth the effort. After arriving back at Thammasat at about 8pm, it seemed like we had spent a lot of time in the cars, but overall it was a good getaway weekend. I still don't have my digital camera (to be fixed soon), but everyone else took plenty of photos. For a selection, check out Khun Ahe's set of photos. View Wang Nam Khiao on Google Maps or Google Earth.