Internet Technologies and Applications (ITS413) - Semester 2, 2010

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This course aims to provide you with detailed knowledge of important technologies and application that are used in the Internet. Due to the broad nature of this field, the course covers only selected topics, focussing first on some advanced topics in Internet technologies (e.g. wireless LANs, Mobile Internet, Multicast) and then a selection of current- and next-generation applications and services (e.g. P2P, IPTV, VoIP). You will learn how the Internet works and how services and applications are provided to users of the Internet. This knowledge will help you in the design and management of computer networks, as well as development and execution of Internet applications.

Dr Steven Gordon (contact details)
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Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach, 5th Edition by Kurose and Ross, Pearson, 2010. (additional resources)
ITS 327 (Computer Network Architectures and Protocols) or ITS 393 (Networking and Collaborative Computing) are co-requisites. Most students have already completed ITS 327, or are studying it this semester. The main assumed knowledge for ITS 413 is the basics from ITS323. If you haven't passed ITS323 Introduction to Data Communications, then this course will be very hard! See the resources for advice on refreshing your knowledge in these areas.
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