Internet Technologies and Applications (ITS 413)


Your knowledge of the course topics will be assessed through: participation, assignments and exams. Discussion of these components will be given in lectures (for example, hints, solutions and feedback).

Item Date Weight Questions Answers Results
Participation   10%      
Assignments   30%      
- Assignment 1 15 Dec 15% Questions Reports Results
- Assignment 2 14 Feb 15% Questions Reports Comments | Results
Exams   60%      
- Mid-term Exam 29 Dec 30% Hints | Questions Answers Results
- Final Exam 9 Mar 30% Hints | Questions Answers Results
Total 13 Mar 100% - - Results


You are expected to attend lectures, ask questions and participate in discussion and tasks during the lectures. By participating you can increase the knowledge you gain from lectures, as well as assist your colleagues. You also provide immediate feedback to the lecturer, allowing them to tailor the lectures to your needs.

Assessment: Particpation will be worth 10% of the total course assessment. At the start of the semester you start with the full 10 marks. You will lose 0.5 marks for each lecture you do not attend (however you will be given 2 "free" lectures: for the first 2 lectures you miss you will not be penalised). There may be bonus/penalty marks for specific tasks during lectures. For example, you may receive a bonus for contributing extra to the discussion/questions. Or you may be penalised for not completing mini-tutorial questions.


Assignments will aim to test your detailed knowledge and understanding of the topics, as well as your critical thinking and research ability. Assignments may include tasks involving: programming; searching on the Internet; writing detailed designs; reading research papers; learning and using specialist software/hardware.

Assessment: Assignment 1 will be worth 15% and Assignment 2 15% of the total course assessment.

Extension of Due Dates: Each assignment will be made available at least 2 weeks before the due date. Therefore you should have enough time to plan the completion of your assignment (as well as tasks from other courses) by the due date. Requests for extensions several days before the due date will not be granted. Similarly, being sick or absent for several days does not guarantee you to an extension. If you have any issues with due dates or load, then please let me know as early as possible.


Exams may include all material covered in lectures, quizzes, assignments and compulsory readings. Some discussion of the topics to be included (or not included) will be given in the lecture leading up to the exam.

Assessment: the Midterm Exam will be worth 30% and the Final Exam 30% of the total course assessment.

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