I have been or am currently a Principal Supervisor (PS), Associate Supervisor (AS) or Co-supervisor (CS) of the following projects/students.


Service Discovery in Ad Hoc Networks. Zhi Lim, Steven GordonPS and Arek DadejAS. 28 Feb 2005 - 28 Feb 2008.

Intrusion Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Yinghua Guo, Steven GordonPS and Jill SlayAS. 3 May 2004 - 3 May 2007.

Delay Sensitive Traffic over Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Duc Ngo, Steven GordonPS and Lars RasmussenAS. 5 May 2003 - 5 May 2006.

Internet Integrated Ad Hoc Networks. Shuo Ding, Arek DadejPS and Steven GordonAS. Jan 2003 - Jan 2006.

Securing Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. Xia Li, Jill SlayPS and Steven GordonAS. Feb 2003.

Context Transfer in Heterogenous Wireless Networks. Ha Duong, Arek DadejPS and Steven GordonAS. May 2002 - May 2005.

Quality of Service in Wireless LANs. Li Zheng, Arek DadejPS and Steven GordonAS. Feb 2001 - Dec 2004.

Masters By Coursework

Integrated Ad Hoc Networks with the Internet using Mobile IP. Ashok Vijay and Steven GordonPS. 9 Aug 2004 - 31 Jun 2005.

Performance of Multiple Cell Wireless LANs. Deepak Magar and Steven GordonPS. 1 Jul 2003 - 30 Sep 2004.


Analysis of QoS Models for Wireless LANs. Steven GordonCS, Aruna JayasuriyaCS, Asad Nasir and Luke Pater. 1 Mar - 31 Oct 2003.

Prototyping a Solution for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Steven GordonPS, Philaiphone Vongpreseuth, Kwok Hui and Malay Alata. 1 Mar - 31 Oct 2002.

Exchange Students

Application Recognition Engine for a Satellite Performance Enhancing Proxy. Steven GordonCS, Sylvie PerreauCS and Pierre Girbon. Apr-Aug 2004.

Internet Performance in Satellite Networks. Steven GordonCS, Sylvie PerreauCS and Sylvain Legonde. Aug-Dec 2004.

User Access Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Arek DadejPS, Steven GordonAS and Aleksander Palka. 15 Jul - 20 Dec 2002.

Industry Placement

IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Measurements. Steven GordonPS, Philaiphone Vongpreseuth and Linda Nguyen. 1 Jan - 31 Mar 2002.

Integrating User Access Control and Service Discovery into a Mobile Ad Hoc Network. Steven GordonPS and Asad Nasir. 2 Dec 2002 - 28 Feb 2003.