Samsung NC10 Netbook

Wan was in search of a netbook for use at home and work, so after a couple of days online and wandering around Zeer Rangsit IT Plaza, she finally settled on the Samsung NC 10. It looks good, has a nice sized keyboard, received good reviews online, and was priced well against other netbooks (Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Dell, etc.). The specs are about the same as equivalent class netbooks from other companies: The final price was 12400 Baht, which included an external DVDRW drive (which has yet to arrive). As Wan has been using Ubuntu on my home PC for a while, the first thing I did with the netbook was install Ubuntu Desktop 9.04. I overwrote the existing Windows XP Home install, which I didn't think there would be any use for (However, I latter regretted this - I should've left it dual-boot. It turns out to update the laptop BIOS, Samsung software must run under Windows. Oh well, if an update is really needed it won't be too hard to backup Ubuntu and install Windows from the recovery CD). I've had a few hours of setting it up and using it, and so far it seems like a good buy. The main thing I need to learn about is the Ubuntu power management features, where some fine-tuning is needed to conserve battery but also give reasonable (and constant) brightness settings. Some sites with info on the Samsung NC10 and Ubuntu include: