Samsung G600 Not Working with PC Studio: How To Fix

I recently got a Samsung SGH-G600 mobile phone. It replaces my 5+ year old Nokia 2100. The Nokia was a great phone - it still works fine, apart from the battery that lasted about 1 day and the numbers are almost wiped off the keypad. It is nice to now have a colour screen ... and EDGE Internet access ... and a 2GB MP3 player ... and a 5 megapixel camera. The phone works great, but I had a problem with connecting with the provided Samsung PC Studio software (which lets you organise contact, files, music etc). After plugging in the mobile to the USB cable, selecting PC Studio on the phone menu the PC Studio application on my PC shows the phone connected. However when I open the contacts or files on PC Studio it reports a problem like Another PC Studio program is performing a time-consuming operation. Please wait until its finished.. After this error occurring with every attempt I search and found a solution (posted by MillyGirl at
  1. Unplug the usb cable from the phone
  2. Type *#52828378# into phone
  3. The following menu comes up:
    • 1 Trace setting
    • 2 OTA type setting
    • 3 Serial test
    • 4 TFS reset
  4. Select 3 Serial test
  5. And then this menu comes up:
    • 1 PPP UP
    • 2 Serial download
    • 3 Run TCK
  6. Select 2 Serial download
  7. The phone will reboot and once its rebooted connect the usb cable and PC Studio will work.
It works with no problems - no data is deleted from your phone. Thanks AVForums!