Safari World

On Constitution Day (10 December), I drove Ahe, Ann, Maew and Philippe to Safari World in the outskirts of Bangkok. We spent the entire day there, most of which was walking around the zoo and viewing the shows held throughout the day. Towards the end we drove around the open-air zoo. I had been to Safari World before, but only had time to do the open-air zoo then. Although its a long day, I really enjoyed Safari World and recommend others take a visit. Being a public holiday, it was quite busy, but you only really noticed that when the shows were on. The shows we saw were: Sea lions, Dolphins and Beluga Whales, Cowboys, and the Bird Show. There were a couple that we missed as well. All the shows were entertaining and appeared very professional. In between the shows we wandered around looking at the large selection of animals. Entry was a bit steep (420 Baht) but given the selection of shows, animals and the whole place was well-run, it was ok for a day of entertainment. Photo Gallery