Red Ochre Restaurant, Adelaide

Steve eating Kangaroo at Red Ochre Restaurant The Red Ochre restaurant in Adelaide serves modern and native Australian food to a very high standard. I've been there several occasions, including dad's 60th birthday party and most recently to celebrate Wan's 30th birthday. The restaurant is located on the northern side of the Torrens river, with a great view of North Terrace including the Convention Centre, Casino and high rise buildings. There is not much immediately surrounding it (golf course, park lands) so it is best to get a taxi there. A taxi will cost about $10 to $15 from most places in the city. Note that the Red Ochre restaurant is upstairs - there is a cafe/cheaper restaurant downstairs operated by the same people. The main attraction of the Red Ochre for many is the unique food: it serves Modern Australian food made with many native Australian ingredients, especially herbs, spices, fruit and vegetables, combined with Australian meat and game: beef, lamb, kangaroo, emu, crocodile, pigeon and more. On all occasions I've been there, the food has been delicious. This time, with both of us being small eaters, we ordered some bread for starters and then went straight to the mains. I had the kangaroo fillet and tail, while Wan choose the duck with riberry sauce. As with most Australian restaurants and pubs, the servings were quite large and we were both full and satisfied at the end. We didn't order extra salad or vegetables (knowing that the mains would be big enough) but in hindsight we should have just to mix things up. Being a Thursday night in Adelaide, the restaurant was not full but there were still quite a few people in there. We had a corner table by the window overlooking the city lights. The atmosphere is hard to beat. You can find a couple of photos of our food, as well as other food we ate in Australia, in the Photo Gallery. Such good food and service is of course not cheap. It set us back $160, however that included two bottles of wine: a big Cab Sav and a refreshing Moscato after dinner. For a special occasion, it was worth it.