New ADSL router - ZyXEL P660HW-T1

When I signed up for the TOT ADSL package at Thammasat University, they provided me with a free ADSL modem/router: a DareGlobal DB108 single Ethernet port ADSL modem. Via the configuration page at (with default login of admin and password tot) you could make quite a few changes to the configuration. But for me there were three main problems (especially since I wanted to run my own web server):ZyXEL P660W-T1 ADSL Wireless Router. Click to see a larger view

  1. Port forwarding couldn't be configured, which is needed if running a web server behind a NAT
  2. The on-modem PPPoE setup wasn't reliable (fail every few days), meaning my other option was to use a Windows or Ubuntu client to connect to the Internet, which is inconvenient.
  3. Only a single Ethernet port - would need a switch for my second computer

I also had a "feeling" that it wasn't a great modem in terms of speed and reliability.

So I bought a new modem today: ZyXEL Prestige series P660HW-T1 which includes: ADSL2/2+ modem; IEEE 802.11g 54Mb/s wireless LAN (not needed at the moment, but maybe in the future); 4 port router/switch; port forwarding and all the usual router options. Cost was 2880 Baht from Zeer Rangsit. After a few months I'll see how good this is, but from the options (e.g. a command line interface for configuring extra parameters, as well as a standard web interface) and manuals available (the manual is as detailed as I've seen - 300+ pages) it looks like it should be ok.