Mum and Dad Visiting Thailand

Mum and Dad arrived last night for their 3 week holiday in Thailand. This is their first visit to Thailand (and Asia), and luckily I have some time off to show them around. I met them at Suvarnabhumi Airport (ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติกรุงเทพ-สุวรรณภูม) at about 10:30pm last night. This was my first visit to the new Bangkok airport and it seemed ok. However one small thing I didn't like about the arrivals was that there are two sides that the passengers can go when they meet people waiting for them. That is, when passengers finish with customs and stuff, they can go left or right into the public area. With such a big area, and the possibility of people everywhere, if they go left (and I'm waiting on the right side) it would be quite hard to meet each other. Anyway, it was no problems (not so many people at the arrival gate), and we got out the airport pretty quick. The taxi from Thammasat Rangsit to Suvarnabhmui was, via the meter, 370 Baht plus 60 Baht for tollways. It took about 50 minutes to travel a distance of 60 kilometres. However, leaving the airport, the taxis are unmetered - a 600 Baht trip (plus 60 for tollways). The cheaper options are to try to find a metered taxi in near the departures hall, or use some of the public busses and vans. I think there is a van to/from Future Park, but for convenience and speed, you can't beat the taxi. I have leave today, tomorrow and Tuesday (and Monday is a public holiday), so we have some time in Bangkok and then a trip to Chiang Mai planned. Photos and updates to be posted as often as possible.