More Coups and Bombs?

There have been plenty of rumours and theories flying around Bangkok over the last 48 hours, following the bombs on New Years Eve and the September 19 Coup.

One rumour is that another coup was attempted or is about to be staged today or the weekend. Apparently people have been sighting a lot of military movements around Thailand. The theories include powerful enemies of the current leaders (he undertook a coup just 3 months ago) are behind it, and the other good one is that the current coup leaders are going to stage another coup to increase their popularity ... serious!

The other rumour is that there were significantly more bombs than the 8 to 10 reported. Closer to 20-30 bombs, with a lot being found before detonation. And some rumours of bombs being found in the BTS Skytrain and MTR Underground, as well as large shopping centres ... including my local Future Park (which is also a major bus terminal)!

Of course all still rumours, and lets hope they prove to be false.