Making of a TV Star

On Wednesday I was at Sukhothai Hotel in Bangkok to be interviewed for the daily English talk show Morning Talk. I spoke about the IT and Computer Science activities at SIIT, including some of the interesting topics we teach (mobile Java applications, BitTorrent), the National Software Contest (NSC), and the scholarship opportunities. In the NSC this year two of our groups one prizes - one for a Thai Wikipedia question answer system, and the other for a mobile application that speaks messages sent to the phone (good for driving or for people that have trouble reading). Before the interview I had a 10 minute chat with the host, Kipsan Beck, before we got into the recorded discussion. I was pretty nervous so don't remember much of what I said - but the hotel looked nice! You can watch the full interview online now or try to download from the Maxnet site (Episode from Monday 23 March 2009).