Khao Sam Yot

Khao Sam Yot, Phu Pa Man This morning was the first real day of exercise. We trekked up Khao Sam Yot ('Three Peak Mountain' in Amphoe Phu Pa Man) at about 10:30am. Over New Years I went up to the first lookout, which took about 45 minutes from the bottom temple/car park. This time we drove up to the top temple, saving about 20 minutes walking/climbing, and walked all the way to the Buddhist lookout near the top of the mountain. It took about 90 minutes. The trek is not too hard, however the temperature of 35+ degrees meant I was drenched with sweat within the first 5 minutes. As we got close to the lookout the track become a set of ladders and platforms, partly made of bamboo. The lookout is set on the face of the mountain and looked slightly dangerous, but we ventured forward. In fact there is a large cave where the lookout is built, with several statues of Buddha inside, as well as more ladders up inside the cave to a room for the monks. It was a peaceful location, with an excellent view of the nearby villages. After some snacks and photos we made our way down. I thought it was easy until I slipped. Some grazed arms, sprained fingers, bruised bum and nervous legs for the rest of the way down was the outcome. Although that dampened my spirit a bit, it was worth it. It is nice to explore the various mountains that create the valley containing 5 or 6 villages in the area. Photo gallery