Jim Thompson, MBK and Thai Massages

After some corn flakes and bananas for breakfast (the first time I've eaten cereal for almost 1 year), Mum, Dad and I headed into the big smoke - Bangkok.

Part of the trip was to show them how to get into the city on their own. Pretty simple really:

  1. Catch the free yellow trolley bus from outside my dorm building to the NSTDA gate on campus (about 15 minutes including waiting time)
  2. Catch the 30 Baht white NGV from campus to Mo Chit BTS Skytrain station (maximum of 40 minutes).
  3. Catch the Skytrain to most of the major parts of the city - this time it was Siam, the central shopping district (about 15 minutes).

(Unfortunately, as we will see soon, the first step may be much harder with the University Games starting on campus next week).

We didn't want to do too much today, so first got off the Skytrain at Siam, and walked along the street to MBK Shopping Centre to get som lunch. As soon as we got down the steps to street level a nice lady approached us and offered help. She spoke quite good English, and was interesting to chat to. She even gave us some advice on going to a fashion mall where we could buy quality suits and shirts - and there was a 30 percent discount on today. After I said we may look after getting lunch at MBK, she insisted we should go now - she would even get us a discount on the tuk-tuk sitting 3 metres away. It was time to move on ... I recall when I first came to Bangkok a guy approached Brenton and I offering similar help, including how to get to the fashion mall. A good introduction to the nice people of Thailand (as well as the subtle, and not so subtle hassling).

We continued on to MBK, had a look around at then ate at Yum Saap, a franchise restaurant, selling quick and reliable Thai dishes. I've eaten at Yum Saap on several occasions, and it has always been tasty. A good selection if you are looking for a meal in or around a shopping centre.

After lunch walked about 10 minutes to Jim Thompson's House, for a couple of hours. Jim Thompson was successful at commercialising the Thai silk in the US, and built a big house in Bangkok. It was worth the visit (100 Baht per person entrance fee). Check out some photos.

Finally, it was back to MBK for a foot massage - there is a place that I have been to several times, first with John and Brenton on my second day ever in Thailand. Although it is 300 Baht (often can get massage for 100 to 150 Baht), it is worth it after several hours of touring and shopping in the city.

Today was an easy day, as there is plenty of time for more shopping and touring over the next 3 weeks.