My Collection of XFig Figures

I've used a number of graphics editors to create pictures for my teaching and research over the years, including Visio, Dia, GIMP, OpenOffice Draw and even Powerpoint. But I seem to always return to the simple, old but very useful XFig. I am not artistically inclined and therefore all my pictures tend to be block diagrams and straight lines with some text. Occasionally I add some colour. Often I want to export my picture to various different formats, including EPS, PNG and PDF. I find XFig a great fit for these requirements. Despite the "different" user interface, after spending an hour of two learning you will find XFig to be simple and fast to use, and has all the features to draw the most common elements of technical diagrams. It produces output in a plain text file in the FIG format. I've even written scripts that automatically generates different figures based on some template.

Enough of my plug for XFig. The point of this post is to say that the collection of figures I've created using XFig can now be downloaded, either in the original FIG format or as SVG, EPS, PDF or PNG. As with almost everything on my website, they are licensed Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0). All the images are available at:

Some examples of my fine artistic skills ...