Cost of Living in Thailand

Some example costs of living in Bangkok, Thailand:
Item Baht Comment
Accommodation and Utilities (per month)
Two bedroom apartment 6000 50% subsidy for staff (hence 3000)
Water 100 per person
Telephone line 50  
Mobile phone 2, 4, 2 per minute (same network), per minute (different network), SMS
Electricity 1000 +- 200 depending on how much A/C is used
Internet ADSL 700 512/256kb/s, unlimited downloads
Taxi 2 (35) per 450m (flag fall)
Bus from Thammasat to Future Park 13 About 15km on A/C bus
BTS Skytrain 35 Mo Chit - Siam
Melbourne - Bangkok 32000 Return via Thai Airways (25000 for Jetstar)
Bangkok - Phuket 3200 Return (about same price for most domestic flights)
Singha Beer, carton 525 12 x 630ml
Singha Beer, small bottle 40 330ml in restaurant
Pepsi 1.25l 22 Supermarket
Pepsi 300ml 8 University cafeteria, 15 to 20 Baht at restaurants
Organge juice, 1 litre carton 80 Supermarket
Milk, chocolate/plain, 450ml 20 7-Eleven
Water, 500ml bottled 5 Anywhere
Standard dish at Thammasat Uni 20 - 30 e.g. 2 spoons of food with rice
Chicken breast 60 per kilo, supermarket
Restaurant dish, standard 30-80 e.g. pad grapao, curry, soup
Restaurant dish, special 80-150 e.g. whole fish, speciality dishes
Fast Food 60-100 e.g. KFC, Maccas and many similar places in shopping centres
Fresh chillis 10 Bag of about 50
Basil, lemongrass, coriander 5 - 15 per bunch, supermarket
Fresh fruit 10-20 Half pineapple/watermelon/mago, guava, cut in pieces; 4-5 bananas, kilo of rambutan, ...
Potato chips, 60g 20 7-Eleven