Websites and Guidebooks

There is plenty of information on the web and in guide books about Bangkok, but I've tried to include a few notes that were useful for me while travelling in BKK. S

Getting There and Around


There are plenty of places to choose, which means booking a long way ahead is not that necessary. In fact, given they low cost of most hotels compared to most Western countries, in many cases you should have no worries to turn up to a 3-4 star hotel on the day and get a reasonably priced room ($AU50-100). You may want to book ahead during holiday periods and peak seasons in certain places. Unless you know a place, I suggest you use one of the many web sites to book online. The places I've stayed at are:

Things To Do and See

There are plenty of websites, travel guides and books that can tell you the major attractions of Bangkok. Here are a few quick thoughts on some of the things I've done.