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The following are useful online resources about computer and network security. Also see my Study Guide for a list of textbooks (including free ones).

News and General Resources

Terminology and Notation

As with many technical topics, there are many terms, abbreviations, acronyms and mathematical notations used when discussing computer security. The following attempt to provide definitions of security terms. Unfortunately there is often conflicts in definitions and usage, so there is no one primary list of definitions.


As vulnerabilities are found in security technology, including software and algorithms, it is important to inform the developers and users of those technologies so that they can apply fixes. There are numerous companies and organisations that issues and maintain lists of security alerts and vulnerabilities. A common name is Computer Emergency Response/Readiness Team (CERT). Others are less formal and usually alerts are made via mailling lists. In addition to those listed below, many companies have their own lists/announcements.


Many of the latest advances in computer security, especially new attacks and countermeasures, are presented in conferences. Often presentation slides (and sometimes full papers or examples) are available freely on the conference website. Below are a selection of some security conferences.


Standards Organisations


Includes the signals intelligence and communication security departments of different governments. If you explore their websites, you may find interesting historical records, general descriptions of security technologies, as well as security algorithms and software.

Professional Organisations

Some organisations promote awareness of computer security and certify skills of security professionals, issuing certificates.


A selection of high-profile companies in computer and network security.


Companies, government departments and groups in Australia that are related to computer and network security.


Companies, government departments and groups in Thailand that are related to computer and network security.


There are many security researchers and professionals that have blogs and homepages, and/or are active on social networks (e.g. Google+, Twitter). Searching for "security blog" or "network security" will often lead you to popular security people. Here I list just a small selection of "famous" people that provide some interesting information on all aspects of computer and network security.



Firstly, see the security textbooks in my study guide (including some free online books). Other, often more specialised online security books include:


A very small selection of security-related software. Focus is on software used or demonstrated in my courses, which tends to be Linux and/or open-source software.

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Media Sanitization

Deleting data and destructing media.

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