Networking Laboratory (S2, 2014)

Topics and Lab Material

The set of topics in this course are listed below. Click on their links to see details such as: lab handouts, manuals, links to interesting websites, and related software.

Linux Command Line

Introduction to Linux operating systems, especially using the command line interface.

Networking Tools

Common software for testing, monitoring and configuring computer networks

Packet Capture

Capture packets sent and received by a computer using tcpdump and Wireshark.

Ethernet LANs

Setting up a simple LAN


Setting up a routed network, i.e. an internet. Includes setting routing tables.

Client/Server Applications

Configuring and using some common Internet applications, e.g. Apache web server and OpenSSH remote login server.


Configuring firewalls for basic network security


Using wireless LAN via Linux command line, including capturing other peoples traffic.


Domain names and mapping them to IP addresses using DNS

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