Networking Laboratory (S2, 2014)

Taking Notes

During the lab you should take notes of what you learn and important things to remember.

What to record?

Section 1.3 of the Lab Manual describes what you should record, how, and what note to record. It includes examples of "Message Sequence Diagrams", "Packet Diagrams" and "Network Designs". Read it now.

I recommend making use of copy-and-paste to copy important commands/output to your notes.

How to record notes?

As you need to submit your notes online, you should write your notes in a separate text file for each lab, e.g. "lab1-notes.txt". Lab 2 will of course be "lab2-notes.txt".

Sometimes you need to draw pictures. The simplest option is probably to draw the picture on paper, then take a photo with your phone and copy the photo to your computer. Alternatively, you could using graphics software, e.g. LibreOffice Draw or GIMP, however that is probably too time consuming during the lab (and not necessary). Hand-drawn pictures are sufficient.

For pictures, name them with the lab number and then a meaningful name, e.g. "lab1-ippacket.jpg", "lab2-icmp.png".

You may use a screenshot if it is useful.

Below is an example of using three different terminals: one for your commands, one to view the lecturers commands and the other to take notes.

How to upload notes?

Towards the end of the lab (before the quiz), copy your notes to the ICT server. Before you copy for the first lab, you should create the destination directory as:

ssh -l u5000000000 'mkdir -p ~/public_html/private/its332'

You only need to do the above once. Now you can copy files to the directory on the ICT server: ~/public_html/private/its332

If the files are on a lab computer you can use secure copy:

scp lab1-notes.txt
ssh -l u5000000000 'chmod a+r ~/public_html/private/its332/*'

If the files are on your phone, then you need to find a way to transfer them to a lab computer and then perform a secure copy, or directly transfer to the ICT server. You can find free FTP/SFTP/SCP applications for most mobile operating systems.

What is the deadline?

You must create the text notes during the lab (i.e. the deadline is the end of the lab). For handwritten notes, you should upload within 24 hours of the end of the lab.

How are you evaluated?

The primary purpose of taking notes is for your own learning and so you can remember how you completed the tasks. It will also be useful as study for the quizzes and exam.

I will not necessarily be checking submissions each week, nor giving any feedback. However I may check to see if the notes files are present, and may read some of them. I may reduce your marks for participation if you do not submit, or you do not make a satisfactory attempt to create notes.

In some labs I will let you know that an answer or task must be recorded in your notes.

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