Networking Laboratory (S2, 2014)

Exam Guidelines and Hints

The final exam will be held in the lab using Moodle. This is an exam (not a quiz) and therefore all the normal rules of SIIT exams apply. Some additional guidelines and hints:

  1. Exam will be 1 hour (as determined by Moodle clock). If you start within the first 15 minutes of your allocated exam time, you will have 1 hour from when you start the exam.
  2. The exam starts at the normal start time of your lab (e.g. 9am or 1pm). You cannot enter the lab room before the start time.
  3. There will be about 20 questions. They will be pseudo-randomly chosen from a large set of questions. Different sections may have different questions, and different students within the same section may have different questions.
  4. Some questions will be worth more marks than others.
  5. About 80% of the questions are the same as, or very minor modifications of those used in quizzes and exam practice.
  6. There will be several questions which are new (not used in quizzes).
  7. You may bring a pen/pencil if desired. Some blank paper will be made available to you if you want to make notes. You may not take the notes with you when the exam is finished.
  8. During the exam you may use:
  9. You are NOT allowed to:
  10. Although you may use the terminal to test commands, be careful when performing network operations. E.g. if you disable your interface eth0, then you will lose Internet access and will not be able to access Moodle. If you have done this and cannot fix it yourself, then ask a TA. However you may be penalised up to 5% of the exam marks if you need the TA to fix a problem you caused.
  11. If there is a disruption to the exam which is outside of your control (e.g. SIIT network or Moodle server is down) then you will not be penalised. We will either extend the time you have for the exam, or in the worst case, re-schedule the exam to another day/time. (see below)
  12. When there are about 5 minutes remaining in the exam, you will be notified. At this time, any disruptions (e.g. Moodle server is slow, down) will NOT result in an extension of time. Therefore make sure you have attempted all questions within the first 55 minutes.

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