Networking Laboratory (S2, 2014)

Assessment Criteria

Participation (20%)

To participate in the class you should: attend each lab class, listen to lectures and instructions, complete the tasks, and document your activities and results in your lab manual. If you satisfactorily participate, then you will obtain full marks for the class.

Attendance at each of the lab sessions is mandatory. Attending, but not participating (e.g. you do nothing or rely on your partner) is the same as not attending. Late attendance (greater than 15 minutes) and leaving the lab before you've finished will result in reduced marks.

Exercises (40%)

During each lab, the instructors will assess your activities during the lab. Therefore it is important each individual completes their own tasks and understand the concepts and techniques. The mark for the lab tasks will be based on:

Final Exam (40%)

This will be a in-lab exam on Moodle, testing your knowledge of the tools and techniques introduced during the lab. (There is no mid-term exam). The exam will be held during the normal lab time, in the last (or second to last) week of semester.

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