ITS 332 Networking Lab - Semester 2, 2007

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7 Mar 2008: Assignment marks

22 Feb 2008: I have received emailed attachments for Assignment 2 from all students. We are marking the assignments, and hope to have results by end of February.

Welcome to ITS 332 Information Technology Lab II. This will be known as the Networking Lab, since we will spend the semester performing tasks related to the administration of computer networks an d the development of computer network applications.

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The Lab Handouts are available in the Copy Center - you must obtain a copy before you come to the lab class. PDF copies of the handouts are also available from the table in the schedule.

Links to websites referred to in, and related to the labs are available here.

In addition to the handouts for each lab, there are several handouts and manuals and web sites that are useful during the course:


During the lab classes you may be asked to access files for download to complete the tasks. Below is a list of files to be used in the labs:


Assessment for this course will consist of the following items:

Lab Tasks (40%)
During each lab, the instructors will assess your activities during the lab. Therefore it is important each individual completes their own tasks and understand the concepts and techniques. Make sure that an instructor has recorded your mark before you leave the lab. You will get a mark out of 10 for each lab. The mark depends on your successful completion of tasks, ability to answer questions and work efficiently and independantly. Attendance at each of the 10 lab sessions is mandatory. If you do not attend you will receive zero (0) marks for that lab, unless you provide a medical certificate or other suitable evidence.
Client/Server Assignment (20%)
After the mid-term, we will introduce you to programming client/server based Internet applications. As well as attending and completing lab tasks, you will be given an assignment to complete. This will be an individual assignment.
Mid Term Exam (20%)
This will be a paper-based exam, testing your knowledge of the tools and techniques introduced during the lab. The mid-term will have questions on the topics: Networking Tools, Wireshark and Layer 2 Networks. The questions will mainly be of the format where you are given an example output from a command (e.g. output from ifconfig) and you are asked several questions based on the output (e.g. what is the IP address of the computer). There are 10 questions in total (but each question has a number of sub-questions). The exam is CLOSED BOOK.
Final Exam (20%)
This will be a paper-based exam, testing your knowledge of the tools and techniques introduced during the lab.


There are three sections of the Networking Lab:

  1. Wednesday 9am to 12noon (IT)
  2. Wednesday 1pm to 4pm (IT)
  3. Monday 9am to 12noon (IT)

There are 10 lab classes in ITS 332. The schedule is shown in the table below.

Start Week Monday (Morning) Tue Wed (Morning, Afternoon) Thu Fri
5 Nov 1

12 Nov 2 No Lab
No Lab

19 Nov 3 Networking Tools
Networking Tools

26 Nov 4 Wireshark

3 Dec 5 Wireshark
HM King's Birthday

10 Dec 6 Constitution Day

17 Dec 7 Layer 2 Networks
Layer 2 Networks

24 Dec 8 Election Day
Layer 3 Networks

31 Dec 9 New Years Holiday New Years Holiday

7 Jan MidTerm

Mid Term Exam: Q | A

14 Jan 10 Layer 3 Networks
Client/Server Applications

21 Jan 11 Client/Server Applications
Client/Server Programming

28 Jan 12 Client/Server Programming
Client/Server Programming

4 Feb 13 Client/Server Programming
Client/Server Programming

11 Feb 14 Client/Server Programming

18 Feb 15 Firewalls

Makha Bucha
25 Feb 16

3 Mar Final

10 Mar Final

Final Exam: Q | A


Lab Instructor: Steven Gordon
All three labs; contact details
Teaching Assistant: Yoichi Nakaguro
All three labs; contact in IVC Lab 4th floor
Teaching Assistant: Sarawoat Kongyoung
Monday morning lab
Teaching Assistant: Chutima Tulachard
Wednesday morning lab
Teaching Assistant: Kantinee Katchapakirin
Wednesday afternoon lab
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