Security and Cryptography (S2, 2014)

Quizzes and Homework

Online quizzes and practice questions, as well as other homework activities, will be linked to here as they become available.

Homework 1 (not marked)

  1. Read the course website, making sure you are clear on the assessment criteria and where to find course resources.
  2. Read the example on classical ciphers and frequency analysis (HTML, PDF, there is a printed copy in your lecture notes)
  3. Read the refresher on Statistics for Security (PDF, you also have a printed copy in the lecture notes) and/or watch the videos (there are 16 short videos covering most of the definitions and examples from the document)

Quiz 1 - Security Concepts and Ciphers

Homework 2 (not marked)

Several ciphertexts are provided, as well as the algorithm used, but no key. Find the plaintext. This is not assessed, not required and may be time consuming. Don't attempt until you understand the topics covered in lecture.

Practice - Statistics for Security

Refresh your knowledge of basic mathematics relevant for security (and data communications).

Quiz 2 - Block Ciphers and Modes of Operation

Concepts of block ciphers; DES, Double DES and Meet-in-the-middle; Modes of operation. Some questions use the same example 5 bit block cipher covered in class. Having a printout in front of you while attempting the quiz may help. Also you should have a pen and paper available to solve some problems.

Quiz 3 - Ciphers (In-class)

In-class quiz on 10 Feb 2015.

Homework 3 - OpenSSL Encryption

Quiz 4 - Number Theory Basics

Modular arithmetic, primes, Euler's totient.

Quiz 5 - Public Key Cryptography

Practice - Midterm Exam

This practice contains a mix of questions from previous quizzes. You may use it as practice for the midterm exam (however it doesn't mean the questions from this practice are necessarily in the exam, nor does it mean the exam doesn't include other types of questions). This practice is not assessed.

Homework 4 - Public Key Crypto

Quiz 6 - Authentication

Authentication concepts, MACs, hash functions, digital signatures.

Quiz 7 - Key Distribution

Key management and distribution.

Homework 5 - Secure Web Server

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