Security and Cryptography (S2, 2013)

Quizzes and Homework

Online quizzes and practice questions, as well as other homework activities, will be linked to here as they become available.

Quiz 1 - Intro to Security and Classical Ciphers

Covers concepts from Introduction to Security, as well as requires use/knowledge of classical ciphers covered in the lectures.

Exercise 1 - Break Classical Ciphers

Several ciphertexts are provided, as well as the algorithm used, but no key. Find the plaintext. This is not assessed, not required and may be time consuming. Don't attempt until you understand the topics covered in lecture.

Quiz 2 - Security Concepts and Classical Ciphers

Quiz 3 - Block Ciphers and DES

Concepts about block ciphers and DES.

Quiz 4 - Modes of Operation

You should view the lecture notes and watch the online lectures on the topic of Modes of Operation from last year before attempting this quiz. Some questions use the same example 5 bit block cipher covered in class. Having a printout in front of you while attempting the quiz may help.

Homework 1 - Encryption with OpenSSL

Quiz 5 - Block Ciphers and PRNG

Quiz 6 - Authentication

Authentication concepts, including MACs, hash functions and digitial signatures.

Quiz 8 - Firewalls

All questions in this quiz are the same structure: a network diagram is presented, and then you need to either design a firewall rule to implement a policy, or select which rule applies to a specific packet. The network diagram is exactly the same in every question. Therefore read the instructions in the first question carefully, and then the subsequent questions should be faster.

Quiz 9 - Key Management

Key management and distribution, digital certificates.

Homework 2 - Public Keys and Certificates with OpenSSL

Quiz 10 - Key Management

In-class quiz on key management and distribution

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