Security and Cryptography (S2, 2013)

Assessment Criteria

Your knowledge of the course topics will be assessed through: quizzes, homework tasks and exams. Discussion of these components will be given in lectures (for example, hints, solutions and feedback).

Quizzes and Homework 30%
Midterm Exam 30%
Final Exam 40%

Quizzes and Homework

Short in-class quizzes will be held during selected lectures, containing short questions (for example, multiple choice, true/false, short descriptions or diagrams). Each quiz aims to test your understanding of the lectures and compulsory readings. The majority of the quiz questions will focus on the topics covered since the previous quiz. You are required to give all the answers on the quiz sheet provided.

Homework will be given in selected lectures, with answers to be submitted for evaluation. Homework will give you an opportunity to use security software and algorithms to solve small problems. The homework tasks will be like mini-assignments.

Online quizzes will also be available, giving you an opportunity to practice in your own time.

Assessment: There will be at least 3 in-class quizzes, 3 homeworks, and 6 online quizzes. The in-class quizzes and homeworks will be worth 4% each, while a "pass" (see below) in an online quiz will be worth 1%, giving a total of 30% (6 × 4% + 6 × 1%). If there are more quizzes/homeworks, then only your highest 6 scores will be counted (similar for online quizzes).

The online quizzes will be marked as follows: you are allowed up to 4 attempts at each online quiz. Only the highest score of your attempts is considered. If that score is 50% or above, then you "pass" that online quiz. If the score is less than 50%, then you fail that online quiz (i.e. 0 marks). Each passed online quiz contributes 1% to your course assessment.


Exams may include all material covered in lectures, quizzes, assignments and compulsory readings. Some discussion of the topics to be included (or not included) will be given in the lecture leading up to the exam.

Assessment: the Midterm Exam will be worth 30% and the Final Exam 40% of the total course assessment.

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