Security and Cryptography (CSS 322) - Semester 1, 2006

This is an archive of material from a past course. You can find the current course web page via the Course List. Please be aware that the material in this archive may be out of date (for example, different topics than the current course, errors in lecture notes and/or assessment items, broken links). If you use the material in this archive then it is your responsibility to deal with any differences from the current course.

The web site for CSS322 taught in Semester 2 of 2006 is not available. However, all course material is available as PDFs. The easiest option is to download an archive of all lecture notes, assessment items and handouts. They are available as a single ZIP (5MB) or TGZ (5MB) file. Alternatively, you may download individual items. Most files follow a common naming scheme.

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