Trip Expenses

All prices are given in Australian dollars and are approximate per person (food/drink etc based on Steve's costs). (In May 2003 the Canadian dollar was about $AU1.14 and the US dollar was about $AU1.55).

Item Cost
Flight (Through Flightcentre; including taxes) 2940
Travel Insurance 170
Car Hire - Vancouver (through Hertz) 200
Car Hire - Toronto (through Hertz) 205
Accommodation - Sydney (1 night) 45
Accommodation - West Canada (10 nights) 430
Accommodation - East Canada (7 nights) 325
Accommodation - Honolulu (2 nights) 130
Petrol (see also the fuel usage chart) 120
Other (food, drink, tours, souvenirs etc) 1100
Total (per person) 5665

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